Monday, April 17, 2017

That Was A Bad Idea

OK, so... I sorta fell off the goal wagon last week and I can totally tell.  Both of my kids were sick (not with the same thing and thankfully, not with the stomach flu) and I felt like I was getting sick.  I threw my goals out the window and that was definitely a bad idea.  I felt like crap because I was eating junk and not exercising; I also gained some weight.  Not a lot of weight but I don't want the trend to continue.  April's goal is to eat a salad with lunch every day.  Do you know what makes that really difficult?  Not having any lettuce.  I didn't buy lettuce the last time I went grocery shopping because I thought I already had a bag.  Turns out that bag went furry waiting for me to eat it.  We fed it to the garbage.  I'm recommitting to my goals this week.  I had an orange with my breakfast and am stopping by the grocery store on my way home to get some lettuce.  I'm refocusing on my water goal and have a plan to walk tonight.  This is normally the time when I let go of my New Year's resolutions.  But I'm determined to not do that this year.  I want to be a healthy, fit, non-stressed out person.  To achieve that, I need to stick with my goals.  I have noticed when I'm really sleep-deprived, drinking a lot of ice water actually gives me more energy than drinking a lot of pop.  I keep reminding myself that even though it's a little thing, it's a sign I'm on the right path with my health.

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