Sunday, October 17, 2010

Soup and Goo

Today I ate one of my favorite things... and no, it's not a baked goodie. It's chicken noodle soup. I love this soup; it's my absolute favorite soup. I have about 3 different recipes for it but the recipe I made today is the best. This recipe has a nice blend of spices and veggies to give the soup a good flavor. I have a crock-pot chicken noodle soup recipe that uses water and way too much onion. The soup ends up tasting watery and oniony. (Is that even a real word?) Normally the recipe I made today uses evaporated milk to make the soup creamy. I've found that with just the two of us, soups produce a lot of left-overs and left-over creamy soups don't reheat well. Last year on a whim, I left out the evaporated milk and the soup still tasted great and that's what I did today. Chicken noodle soup seems to signify the beginning of fall to me.

Also today I made a dessert for a pot luck at work. Yes, another one. It's a wonder that I'm not 300 pounds. I made choco-cherry krispie treats. I remembered not being pleased with this recipe in the past but decided to give it another shot. The cherries were too large last time but I have a food processor now. I was able to whir the cherries into smaller pieces. The recipe also uses Cocoa Krispies. Chocolate cereal! Whoever thought of it, thank you. This recipe is similar to rice krispie bars with a few simple additions. I measured out the cocoa krispies and cherries and melted the butter, cocoa and marshmallows. I forgot to spray the bowl I was mixing everything in...problem one. I scraped as much back in the pan as I could and sprayed the bowl. Using a wooden spoon was starting to be cumbersome so I decided to use my hand to mix everything. This would have been a great idea...had I remembered to spray my hands. I was trying to get the chocolate cherry goo off my hands and it kept sticking together. I finally gave up and woke Steve out of his nap to help get the goo off my hands. After he got the majority of it off my hands, I washed the rest off, SPRAYED my hands and pressed the mixture into the pan. Dessert finished!