Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dear Spiders, I Hate You

Two weeks ago a spider bit my eyelid.  (Yes, you read that right.  It bit my eyelid.)  It also bit my right wrist.  This year the spiders have been particularly venomous.  Each time I've been bitten, the bite has swollen instantly and is a painful unbearable itch.  I woke up at some point in the night and my right eyelid was sore.  I decided to just go back to sleep thinking it was a tired muscle and the rest would help.  At 5 that morning, Katherine woke up to be fed.  My eyelid felt thick when I opened my eyes so I went to the bathroom to check it out.  My eye was starting to swell.  Before I went to work, I called for a doctor's appointment.  I left a message about my eye swelling and was called back within a minute.  (I'm not exaggerating.  It really was that quick.)  By 10 o'clock, my lower eye lid was starting to swell.  My appointment was at 10:45.  I told my boss I wasn't coming back after my appointment and clocked out.  Steve picked me up and drove me to my doctor.  Thank God he had the day off.  I could barely open my eye when I got to the doctor's office.  "You look awful!" my doctor exclaimed when she walked in the room.  "I feel awful" was my response.  There was no beating around the bush.  I did look and feel awful.  After explaining to the doctor that this swelling was acting similar to the spider bites I had earlier in the summer, she diagnosed it as an allergic reaction to the bite.  When I went in there, I wasn't sure what it was because my eye wasn't itchy the way the previous spider bites had been.  "Are you a spider lover?" was her next question.  Apparently there's people who don't want to kill spiders because they eat other insects.  That is so not me.  "No.  I'm actually afraid of them," I answered.  I think my doctor was relieved she wasn't going to have to convince me that spiders are bad and to try to rid my house of them.  She gave me a prescription for predezone and recommended OTC Benedryl.  A bug bomb was her final suggestion after Steve and I stated that we had been trying all summer to get rid of the spiders.  And we have been.  We've scrubbed the floors, complete with vacuuming and moving furniture.  We've put out sticky traps (and haven't caught anything).  Steve sprayed the perimeter of our house earlier in the summer after removing all weeds.  He also sprayed the perimeter of our bedroom Thursday morning.  We bug bombed the house Sunday which was tons of fun.  We had to be out of the house for 4 hours and we had to take The Fuzz with us.  We wanted to go to a park but it was raining.  We were in the car for pretty much the whole time with a baby and a freaked out cat (in his carrier).  It was loads of fun.  We have finally caught up on all of the laundry this little adventure produced.  (When we set off the bug bomb, we had to cover our hardwood floors.  This used every blanket, towel and sheet we have.)  Here are some pictures from our adventure.

This was Thursday after my doctor's appointment.

This was Friday morning after 8 hours of medicine.

This was The Fuzz in the car Sunday.  He was a little freaked.