Saturday, May 17, 2014

An Ode to My Dishwasher

When Steve and I purchased our home, we had to buy a new stove, washer and dryer.  The dishwasher and refrigerator came with the sale of the house.  I love the stove, washer and dryer we picked out.  We did careful research regarding these appliances: going to the store to look at the models, going to multiple stores to check prices and also reading user reviews online.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with our selections.  The dishwasher that came with our house was another story.  I hated it.  The racks were strange and it didn't do a great job cleaning the dishes.  The dishwasher would only hold 6 plates.  The racks were also waved with the top wave of the bottom rack and the lower wave of the top rack being on the same side.  This made it impossible to wash anything tall.  Pictures might do a better job explaining the awkwardness of our previous dishwasher.

Pretty ridiculous, right?  Who designed this and thought "It loads 6 plates.  That'll be great."?  And why did the previous homeowner buy it?  Our new dishwasher is definitely a different story.  Our new dishwasher holds at least 10 place settings.  The bottom rack has ample room for plates, pots and big bowls.  The top rack has space for the numerous glasses, sippy cups and bowls we use throughout the day.  The silverware caddy is in the door but can fit in the bottom rack.  It took awhile for us to get used to everything the new dishwasher could hold.  If we were behind on dishes and the sink was overflowing, we'd think "Great. That'll take at least two loads to clean."  We were always pleasantly surprised when all of the dishes fit in one load.  Here is a picture of the new dishwasher.

Much better, right?  The best part about buying our new dishwasher was how we paid.  I had won a health contest at work.  I decided to take the $300 I received and buy the new dishwasher.  Overall it has made life so much easier.  The dishwasher is the working woman's best friend.  So much time is freed up by using a dishwasher.  I can be playing with Katherine and "washing" the dishes at the same time.

So, my faithful readers, what do you think of my dishwasher?