Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best Friends

It's true.  Katherine and The Fuzz are best friends.  The Fuzz is extremely protective of Katherine and has been since before she was born.  He would lay on my belly and purr while I was pregnant.  But when my pregnancy started to get complicated, he wouldn't come near me.  He knew something was wrong before we did.  The Fuzz checks on her when new people come to the house.  My mom and grandma came for a visit awhile back.  Both sat on the couch while Katherine sat on the floor.  The Fuzz who is normally nervous in social situations made a point to walk over and sniff Katherine in their presence.  He didn't just walk over; he walked between Katherine and couch effectively putting himself between her and danger until he decided Mom and Grandma were not a threat.  Last night Katherine had a stomach bug and was throwing up.  In between throwing up, she sat on the floor with Steve and The Fuzz came over to sniff her.  He also came into whichever room she was in while she was throwing up.  He looked at us with big concerned cat eyes, waiting for reassurance that she was ok.  Katherine adores The Fuzz.  She smiles, giggles and screeches in delight at him.  She reaches out and smacks him or grabs his fur.  (We're teaching her how to pet him appropriately.)  To his credit, he hasn't bitten her even when she grabs a hunk of fur.  I credit part of this relationship to nature and another part to Steve and me.  When Katherine was very little, we would frequently take her over to The Fuzz and let him smell her.  This let him know she wasn't a threat.  When we brought her home for the hospital, The Fuzz came over and smelled her head.  It was adorable and the prefect start to their friendship.