Friday, April 13, 2012

Eating for Two, Cooking for None

The secret is finally out.  I'm 12 weeks pregnant.  The first trimester has not been bad, only slight nausea.  Fortunately I did not inherit the crippling morning sickness that my older sister, my mom and my grandma all seem to experience.  I seemed to have inherited my Aunt Colleen's and Aunt Patty's version of morning sickness which is very mild.  However, I have been extremely tired.  This has led to me being completely wiped out from work by the time I get home.  Fixing supper is just not going to happen, especially if it's a long recipe. Fortunately for me, Steve is a good cook and has taken over in the kitchen.  I still help with making the menu and the grocery shopping.  As my first trimester is coming to an end, I do feel some of my energy returning and am looking forward to being back in the kitchen.