Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Old Favorite

This week was my first week back from vacation. Steve and I went to Rapid City, SD to visit his parents and do some sight-seeing. The vacation was great! I came back refreshed... until Monday when I had to go back to work. All of my work had piled up while I was on vacation... great. I am transferring to a different position effective Monday. I've been trying to balance my training for that position with the work of my current (soon to be old) position and that's just my work life! I had decided that I would bake something for my coworkers my last week with them so that was my goal tonight. I came home and had a Mike's; a girl has to unwind somehow, right? After supper, I started on my famous chocolate chip-butterscotch chip cookies. I've made them a zillion times and never tire of them. The recipe originates from the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe but I've modified it over the years. Some of the modifications were for preferences in taste, others due to lack of ingredients. The kicker, butterscotch chips, was an inspiration from my cousin Liz. The butterscotch adds a softness to the flavor of the cookie that's very refreshing... in my humble opinion.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

In preperation

Fall is here which means staying inside more. While most people seem to dread the changing of seasons (especially summer to fall), I love it. Suddenly a break in what has been experienced for days and something new to see and feel and smell. I eagerly await fall. Fall is the precursor to the holiday season... a season I love. Fall also means more baking for me. During the summer, it is simply too hot to bake. Our tiny apartment can't handle the heat generated by our oven during the summer and we feel as though we are in a sweat shop. But fall with its cooler temperatures brings the perfect baking and soup weather. This weekend I have to bake (I know, poor me!) for a pot luck at my church. Last night I flipped through my personal cook book trying to find something different to make. The problem was not finding a new recipe to try but rather which recipe out of the many to try. You see, I collect recipes... I search through cook books, magazines and web sites looking for recipes that might be good. If I did this only occasionally, it wouldn't be a problem but I don't. I search recipes frequently, dreaming of the day when I will make those recipes and picking up little tips as I go along. Last night I could barely sit still; I wanted to bake so bad! However I didn't have the necessary ingredients and it was late. Today presents an opportunity. Today I am making a list and going grocery shopping... even though Fareway is closed on Sundays. I am braving Walmart on Sunday for my love of baking.